the brand new online video platform fully dedicated to cycling lifestyle makes you want to ride! is the online tv channel inspiring all men and women with a passion for road cycling. Because cycling is more than a sport: it’s your lifestyle and on your mind 24/7 - or close to it. Alone or with friends we plan our rides, improve our equipment, collect smooth outfits and book our cycling holidays.

Like you, we see a potential col in even the smallest hill and enjoy climbing even more than descending a steep mountain road. Often, during our hard working days, we ask ourselves why those men and women are out there biking… instead of ourselves. We are cyclists and share our passion with you!

At all cycling stories and experiences come together in challenging, new video formats about all aspects of road cycling and through the best of international cycling documentaries and movies selected specially for you by our own connaisseurs. Daily new and high class cycling content coming your way. Simple and easy to use in one single channel on your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

5 Reasons to ride with us

Keep pace with the peleton
Join the club and share your comments with your cycling friends. Have fun and let yourself be inspired to bike and enjoy.
The new TV experience brings unique programmes and daily selections of the best videos about cycling for cycling lovers just like you and us.
For the love of the bike
More than just sport, cycling is a lifestyle. We provide you with food for thought.
Whenever, wherever you like
Watch cycling- on your mobile, tablet, laptop or TV. Programmes are not interrupted by commercials.
Smile and it’s yours
Enjoy cyclinglife. tv for free. Just sign up and start exploring!

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Stories, adventures, backgrounds and all good things in a happy cycling life

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The world's most powerful stories about cyclists, teams, races, tracks and brands.


Travel, tracks, events, classic bikes, women’s cycling, cyclocross, track racing, health.


On location & behind-the- scenes at races and events.


Expert reviews of recent races and previews of upcoming races.


Looking back on historic races as experienced by great cyclists.

Daily items

Own productions: quizzes, selection sof the best clips, interviews, etc.

Talk Shows

Reviewing the latest in cycling culture, discussing the coolest bikes, gear, gadgets, and books.


Following cycling friends on their Sunday morning ride on all continents.

And much more...

The tv channel for building identity and engagement

Did you know that...

# Women cycling and its industry is still growing but is hardly represented on tv.

# Target regions in Europe, USA and Australia total 30.000.000 active cyclists, and hundreds of millions cycling fans.

# Procycling teams have hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

# Background reports, talk shows and documentaries on cycling attract record breaking viewers.

# There are hundreds of web- sites and Youtube channels on road cycling... but not one TV channel targeting cyclists because of their lifestyle.

# There is no sport as strongly connected to lifestyle as cycling.

# Many high-end, non-sport related brands and media try to connect to the active and wealthy cyclists between 30 and 60 years old.

# A male cyclist spends 4K km per year in 90 rides with his friends; woman cyclists take 77 times per year.

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